About us

Since late 2010, the Barcelona brand, mon marcel, has been inspired by essence of Barcelona, the scents of Provence and the air of the Mediterranean to design clothes for children, from newborns to four years.

Yolanda, mother of two and established knitwear designer for fifteen years, is the designer of all of mon marcel’s collections.

The first collection took time to develop but had rapid success, resulting in the birth of the brand. Since then the brand has grown, now present in twenty countries on three continents. With work and effort, we want to continue to grow and expand worldwide.

mon marcel’s garments are characterized by their simple, rich, clean lines that always exhibit personality. They achieve a minimalist, elegant, and comfortable style and character.

The garments also have a surprising delicacy— the touch of softness and tenderness reminds us of the sensation of having a baby in our arms.

mon marcel uses only the finest natural products, all chosen with care. Each season we experiment with different products— in summer 100% cotton garments, in winter combinations of cotton, wool, and cashmere, always given special affection and attention. mon marcel cherishes the smallest details in order to finish each garment neatly.

mon marcel adapts to new trends and colorful fashions in each collection keeping simplicity and attention to detail to mind, without forgetting that the smallest of the house must feel comfortable and at home.

mon marcel works under the seal of Fair Trade. A portion of its annual profit goes to charity.

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mon marcel won a Junior Design Award as "Best international fashion brand 2012". We shared credits with Paul Smith, Stella McCartney, Little Fashion Gallery and Simonetta, also winners in their respective category. We want to thank Junior Magazine for giving us this award and for trusting us. Also, to everyone who helped us, believed in and encouraged us to achieve this recognition in our short but intense way.