In love with simple lines

It is the amount of little moments, small gestures.


It is a tribute to all what are around us, to all we love, to the invisible, to the essential, to our dreams…

A collection made with highest simplicity and the same time with the highest complexity we can provide.

- A collection designed through small details
- An updated classical collection that defies innovation
- A naïve spontaneous and refined collection
- A collection based on harmony and shape
- A collection to enjoy the live
- A collection to remember

simply mon marcell

Have you ever touched a mon marcel? We invite you to do.

Where to buy your mon marcel?


simplicity of the beauty

We go back to our origins and enjoy the simplicity of the beauty and the transformation of the lines. We swim between the latent and shameless. We play with the shapes, proportions, light and materials.


We leave and take the essence of Barcelona, the vastness of the Mediterranean and the dusty colour of the province. We travel around the world of illusion and fantasy and believe the beauty of our dreams.

We put together the threads of the Italian home-made garments, decorated with special colours. With 100% cotton double face fabrics spinning with fantasy. And of course, we continue with our classic threads with soft Kashmir and our powder colours. They appear as romantic garments, classic and bohemian chic, all of which is natural, elegant and sophisticated. Garments without timetables, garments for all times of the day. Garments for everyday life.

With the new collection discover an endless amount of combinations and possibilities you would have never imagined before. You will feel the softness and quality of our compositions. You will feel the leading garments of the season you look for and finish happy. You write the history we wear…which is simply Mon Marcel.

Just imagine…I’m a dreamer

simply mon marcell

Have you ever touched a mon marcel ? We invite you to do.

Where to buy your mon marcel?